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Are you ready to rise ?

Sometimes you just get sick of your own BS and you know that you are ready to rise up, to do the scary thing, to take yourself outside of your comfort zone, to experience the growth that you truly desire, and go after what you truly want in life.

STOP holding yourself back.
STOP playing small.
STOP giving yourself such a hard time.
STOP letting other people dictate the way you feel about yourself.

Take your power back because no one else is going to do it for you!

Let me empower you to live the life you deserve.

I’m Bec, a self love and connection coach, self-empowerment leader and emotional wellness expert. I am here to guide and support you towards showing up as the truest and most beautiful version of you, to help you to create more awareness and acceptance of yourself and to hold you accountable for creating a greater love for YOU!


Be the woman you know you are, in your heart, from love, with grace. 

This is your one beautiful life - let’s live it for YOU!

RISE will give you the time and space to reconnect with the most authentic and highest version of yourself and explore what life could look like for you from a place of full acceptance and self-love.


To instil confidence, self-love and full acceptance of YOU. 


No more people-pleasing, no more prioritising other people's needs, no more standing in your own way

and playing small. 

Live in alignment with your best and most divine self.

Rise has been such a fun thing to be part of. Such a gorgeous group of women to connect with and get vulnerable with. Dedicating time for your own growth and connection to yourself is such a powerful form of self care. It has been a challenging but really fun experience. Bec is the most beautiful soul, she is so empathetic, understanding, empowering and her positive nature is so uplifting!! I feel incredibly grateful to have been a part of RISE round one and I'm so excited to continue on this journey of self connection and growth!”

Tamara, NZ

Rise is you if …

  • You know there is a bigger, more beautiful life within your grasp, but you can't get out of your own way.

  • You are ready to shift your negative inner dialogue and start treating yourself with more love and respect.

  • You want to live your life with a loving focus on yourself and what brings you joy.

  • You are looking for something that is going to allow you to focus on your holistic wellness and nourishment.

  • You are feeling overwhelmed and want to bring your focus back to love.

“Thank you so much for being beside me on this journey. I never thought I could be experiencing these beautiful shifts and the future is so exciting. Even knowing there will be bumps along the way but having a solid foundation knowing that those bumps might make me wobble but won't knock me down just make me stronger and more aware. I highly recommend Rise to anyone that wants to make a positive change in their life. My journey on Rise has been amazing and life changing my only regret is I hadn’t done this kind of work with a coach like Bec sooner!”

Anna, NZ

Rise is 8 weeks of prioritising your self-care, love and awareness and working towards living a life that inspires and lights you up.

  • Weekly Group Calls We come together once a week in a group call to cover a core learning or for hot-seat coaching, as part of the four pillars of Rise - embrace, connect, love and be. This call is a time to share our experiences, to learn and be inspired by each other.

  • A Private Coaching Session Time for you to get clear about your direction for this program and what you hope to achieve. We will create your specific accountability areas and establish how you want to feel at the end of this program.

  • Weekly Actions and Growth Tasks These have been designed to bring you greater awareness and acceptance while increasing your internal love and creating space to connect with yourself.

  • Private Facebook Group A safe space to share with the group outside of the live calls. This is also where your development challenges will be set. You are welcome to share as much or as little as you choose.


Your investment is $1500 NZD in full upfront, 3x monthly payments of $500 NZD or 10x weekly payments of $150 NZD.

Challenge yourself in the best kind of way and live your life with more love, acceptance and understanding of the most important person in your world - YOU.

Let’s rise together!

Book a free vibe check call to find out if Rise is the right fit for you.

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