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Sometimes you just get sick of your own BS and you know that you are ready to rise up and into a more supportive relationship with yourself, to take yourself outside of your comfort zone, to experience the growth that you truly desire, to go after what you truly want in life and to love yourself the way you deserve to.

This is your one beautiful life - let’s live it for YOU!

RISE will give you the time and space to reconnect with the most authentic and highest version of yourself and explore what life could look like for you from a place of full acceptance and self-love.

To instil confidence, self-love and full acceptance of YOU.  

Breaking through people-pleasing, perfectionism, and playing small and going after what you know, deep down, that you are worthy of!

Challenge yourself in the best kind of way and live your life with more compassion, acceptance and awareness of the most important person in your world - YOU.

"She's amazing. She is there for you, she is in your corner and she wants to see you win and you really feel that ”

- Jess Valler

Rise is 6 weeks of prioritising your self-care, personal growth and awareness and working towards living a life that inspires and lights you up.

If you ...

...know there is a bigger, more beautiful life in your future vision, but you can't get out of your own way.

...are ready to shift your negative thoughts and start treating yourself with more love and respect.

... want to live your life with a loving focus on yourself and what brings you joy.

... are looking for something to allow you to focus on your holistic wellness and nourishment.

...are feeling overwhelmed and want to bring your focus back to peace,love and joy.


... RISE is for YOU!

Together we'll elevate your awareness,  your connection to self, your feelings of peace and joy, your confidence and self worth, and your ability to live and love your most authentic life!

"This program has helped me to recognise that I am worthy of whatever I want to achieve in life and that I can create my own happiness"

- Libby Searle

What's included in Rise:

  • Two 1:1 Coaching Sessions You deserve the time and space to be seen and heard, these sessions are all about you and your healing journey. I will support and lovingly challenge you to go all in on yourself, and together we will get clear on what you need to shift in order to get out of your own way and live the life you're worthy of!

  • Weekly Group Calls We come together once a week in a group call to cover a core learning or for hot-seat coaching, as part of the four pillars of Rise - embrace, connect, love and be. This call is a time to share our experiences, to learn and be inspired by each other.​​

  • Weekly Actions and Growth Tasks These have been designed to bring you greater awareness and acceptance while increasing your internal love and creating space to connect with yourself.

  • Private Facebook Group A safe space to share with the group outside of the live calls. This is also where your development challenges will be set. You are welcome to share as much or as little as you choose.


Your investment is $1000 NZD (payment plans available)

FINAL round for 2024 kicks off on 17 April.

Join the waitlist here.

Connect with your truth and authenticity. 

Embrace and accept all parts of yourself and your life.

Love and respect yourself like never before. 

Be your best self and live your most beautiful life!

Let's do this, gorgeous!

Book in a relaxed coffee chat to see if Rise is the right fit for where you are at.

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