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It's your time to                   

For the woman ready to shine her light as the brightest and boldest version of herself.

A collective of inspiring humans empowering themselves and each other to step further into their light and live brightly with more love and connection.

Bringing like-minded heart led women together in a supportive, inspiring and uplifting container to make space for their boldest dreams and most gorgeous desires to come to light.

This is your time!

An opportunity to shift out of low gear and that cycle of procrastination, perfectionism and overthinking that hasn’t been serving you or your big, bold dreams!


Shine will support and empower you to overcome your limitations, self-judgements and insecurities and put in place a deeper consciousness to allow you to step fully into your greatness!


Time to carve a new path. Time to step fully into your knowing. Time to create messy action and heart-led momentum towards living your most fulfilled life.


If I'm shining, everybody gonna shine (Yeah, I'm goals)
I was born like this, don't even gotta try (Now you know)

This is for you if ...

You are calling in your soul tribe and want to make space for a weekly dose of high vibe personal development with other epic, ambitious humans.

You are ready to set a new standard for yourself, tap into even more of your potential and shine your authentic light in the world.

You have a deep knowing that you are here for more ... more freedom, more abundance, a lifestyle that lights you the f**k up and you are ready to take action on calling this in.


Hosted by Bec Connaughton,
Self Love and Connection Coach

I know what it's like to crave a collective of heart-inspired humans to hold you, support you and empower you to step even further into your desired vision.

When you know that you are here to have a bigger impact and to live a lifestyle that catapults you towards freedom and abundance, you need to be surrounded and expanded by other like-minded souls to create momentum.

Join me as part of a collective of epic humans, to create the life of your dreams, call in your biggest, boldest and most beautiful life, and live as your most authentic and conscious self.


                      the collective 

What you will receive ...

6 months of Group Coaching with me

6 months (October 2022 - March 2023) of high level hype girl accountability and coaching to allow your potential to thrive and to keep you on track to calling in those big, bold and beautiful desires.


Weekly Group Calls

Every week we'll meet together on Zoom for an inspiring group coaching call where you’ll each receive hot seat coaching from me! Each call will be 60-90minutes and recorded because ... life. Come together with other empowering women to learn and be motivated and supported by both me and your soul sisters.


Monthly Guest Mentors

Every month we will be joined by a guest mentor in various modalities to raise our consciousness and in order to dive into another level of our potential and true selves. Topics will include: Connection to Self, Sacred Seex, Breathwork and more.

Private Messenger Group

High-level coaching and accountability messaging in a telegraph group to support the high vibe energy of this collective outside of our group calls. Weekly post call check ins to keep you on track towards taking action and space to set monthly intentions, support the collective through any challenges and celebrate the EPIC wins along the way.

Your Investment:

$3330 NZD upfront, $555 per month, or weekly payment plan of $130.


this is your time to ...


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