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It's your time!

Are you ready to treat yourself with more compassion and kindness than ever before and give yourself permission to live your best life?

I get it, you know you’re here for more, you have these big, bold desires and visions for this life, but are so confused and overwhelmed - “where do I even start!?”

You’re tired of living your life in constant fear of judgement and desperately trying to please everyone around you. 

You have no idea where to start!? “How do I start loving myself more?” but you’re deeply craving a greater sense of self-awareness and self-acceptance.

What I see so often is that we struggle to see our greatest potential and all the beautiful gifts we have to offer the world. And that’s where I come in…

I’m Bec,  a self love and connection coach, self-empowerment leader and emotional wellness expert. I am here to guide and support you towards showing up as the truest and most beautiful version of you, to help you to create more awareness and acceptance of yourself and to hold you accountable for creating a greater love for YOU!


Be the woman you know you are, in your heart, from love, with grace. 

This is your one beautiful life - let’s live it for YOU!

My signature 3-month private coaching package designed for ambitious humans who are tired of dimming their light to appease others and are ready to step into their power and take control to live their best, boldest and most beautiful life. 


We will work together to unpack the things that are standing in the way of you living your best life and ensure you are feeling more connected to and accepting of your authentic self. 


No more people-pleasing, no more prioritising other people's needs, no more standing in your own way

and playing small. 

Live in alignment with your best and most divine self.


Beccie is sunshine in human form. Not only is she kind, warm, radiant, nurturing.. but she is genuine and thoughtful and has an amazing perspective on life. She has allowed me the time and space to talk through so much and has been able to suggest some beautiful ways to tackle the issues I am working through. I have loved her open, intentional way of coaching and the suggestions she has presented me have allowed me to open up to myself and change tact if you will. ​

Beccie, thank you so much for creating the space for me to be really honest with you and with myself. I deeply value our time spent together and the progress you have helped me make in my life. 

I look forward to working alongside you for many moons to come!

Courtney, NZ

This is you if …

  • You know you are here for a more lit up life and that there is more out there for you.

  • You want to break away from societal conditions and all the people-pleasing and redefine what success and happiness look and feel like for you. 

  • You’re ready to fully accept and love yourself wholeheartedly and unapologetically.

  • You are ready to prioritise YOU and your emotional wellbeing.

  • You feel a deep desire to finally bring your true self to the forefront and embrace the most authentic version of you. 

  • You are ready to create a life that you love and that brings you gratitude and joy.

  • You know you have gifts and strengths that you are not fully embracing and you are ready to shine.

This is not for you if ...
  • You're not ready to share and get reflective with what is holding you back. 

  • You don't think you are a worthy investment and you are not really committed to your growth and expansion.

  • You want someone else to do the work, fix you and make your life better in the process.

  • You want to just talk things out but you are not ready to take action and responsibility for living your best life.

I was unsure what I was getting into and what exactly life coaching was but went into it with my heart and mind open. I am so glad I did! Beccie is so amazing at what she does. I have come out of my time with coaching feeling a new energy and love for myself and feel I have been equipped with the tools I need to be able to continue my journey and prioritise myself. It was exactly what I needed for me and feel very privileged I was able to experience coaching. Beccie was so kind and supportive and really made an effort to create a safe space for me to just be open and myself, to work through trauma and create a positive outlook for what I want to achieve. I would love to do this annually or biannually with Beccie as a check in with myself and continue on my growth. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Beccie to anyone and think every woman should do it at least once.

Charlotte, NZ

Imagine three months of high level, one on one support and guidance to rise up as the most authentic version of you and live your best life. 


  • 3 months of high-level expansive coaching

  • 6 x 1:1 Private Coaching Calls (online or in person)

  • Unlimited private message access and support 

  • Resources, recommendations and worksheets as applicable

  • Access to any Master Classes or online Workshops created during our time together. 

This is an investment and commitment to your personal growth and an opportunity for you to enable yourself to live a life that you truly love and one that you are totally worthy of. 

Your investment: $2500 NZD in full upfront, or weekly payments of $220.

Get ready to live a life that lights you up, get ready to glow from the inside out, get ready to illuminate the love you have for yourself. 

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